I have been absent!

I’m sorry for not having posted weekly as I had initially said.

My computer broke down… I won’t bore you with the details but it’s up and running now 😀


Pebble Pockets

The wind moans, the cars whisper,

The water runs laps, the sun burning its back.

The solace screaming to become at one

She continues uncaring, you’re most

Charming asset. Calm.


Shut eye, the words will return

Now like children following the piping pen,

Will I lead you to dark woods

Breathe my scent down the nape of your neck.

Shivering. Perhaps we should go…


Go step into this golden shimmer

Cold to the touch; aching hearts part.

My pockets are full of pretty pebbles.

Hers brim with rocks, I can hardly lift one.


I return. She remains.

The song of the silence so loud.

I regret not taking those rocks,

Throwing each one like a wish of coins.

I’m sorry.

Your story hasn’t been told.



A short smile, a furrowed forehead line. Slurring words behind T.V. eyes, always fuzzy. I guess I’m here again. My safe-zone.

He slurps hot tea, sputtering words, “Tell me how you’ve been.” Not well, clearly, since I’m here again.


“What does ‘fine’ mean?”

Rolling eyes, feverish lips, hungry to tell nothing. Throw them like dice onto the table. Today fine means sad but unable to cry.

“Fine means nothing.”

I’m worried I’m wasting money.

I’m worried I’m wasting time.

I’m worried I’m not worth this money and time.

Brief Intro

First things first, how are you doing?

How did you find me? I thought I’d hidden so well…

Bear with me in the first few days (maybe even weeks) as I try to get my head around the site and how to operate it!

I will try writing, at least, weekly, different things such as poems and short prose pieces… whatever else I happen to feel like up to.

I’m happy you’re here but this is arguably, my therapy. If you aren’t interested, I won’t keep you any longer than necessary. No hard feelings. Lots of love, Pea


The pleasure is all mine! My pseudonym is Pea and I’m currently a student ( but a person before a student). I write occasionally, prior to today, I’d never shown anybody my work. My work is all fiction, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t your cup of tea, either way give it a shot if you have time… and no not that kind of shot!